A few words about us

SHILTON, Protein Company of Iran

Iran Protein Company was established in 1993 in Safaieh Kordan district of Hashtgerd city in Alborz province with the aim of producing canned tuna and poultry under the brand name of Shilton. Producing high quality products and focusing on research and development of new products has always been the company's main goal. We take pride in our efficient and creative experts and staff who make the most of our facilities. The deployment of HACCP and ISO 22000:2015 quality management systems is our key to enhancing quality and customer satisfaction. Online monitoring of the daily production processes and health assessments of all contractors and suppliers help us maintain our high standards.

In order to expand our product variety, the company opened a new factory in 2016 for the production of tomato paste, various dressings and non-meat products. Overall, customer satisfaction is the biggest motivation and capital of Iran Protein Company. This has inspired all of the company's policies and goals. We are proud to have received many different quality awards and certificates from renowned food safety and quality organizations such as ……… over the years.